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Glossy croped pg 3How do you get bigshot movie people to read a screenplay from an unknown? Packaging!  How do you raise money from friends and family to make your first movie?  Packaging! How do you look like a true professional when you really don’t know squat? Packaging!

Without seductive packaging the first impression could be the last impression.  You must airbrush your story onto glossy paper if you want anyone to notice.  Make it so appealing they can’t put it down.

It’s called a Look Book, and it includes graphics, numbers, words, budget, projections and comps. It’s a summary prospectuis dressed up in fishnet stockings and you hope somebody important will flip its pages before tossing it onto their pile.

Of course, this costs money.  A custom designed 12-page glossy with original graphics and legitimate numbers is not free.  It’s your calling card to the Gatekeepers. It lets them see in a few glances what you’ve got and why they should let you in.  Investors will want to see this before they open their wallets. A Look Book costs money, but what’s it worth to improve your chances of success 10-fold?

Voldemort let the phone line go silent.  This is what good salesmen do, they twist your mind into a pretzel and then wait, holding out mustard and salt.  Just say yes.

Up to this point I had spent maybe $1,500 pursuing my dream on writing classes, software, and books. Now I was faced with spendign some serious money, $12,000. Pony up that kind of dough and this is no longer a hobby. For that kind of money it’s either a mistress or a leaky boat.

In that long moment of silence I contemplated all the money that I’d blown on other people dreams, schemes, scams and frauds. I could have paid for the Look Book several times over.  This was a shot at my lifelong dream.  I had the money, but I’d never spent this much indulging a fantasy. “Would you take 10?” I asked.

And since the house elves at Voldemort Entertainment were kicking dirt clods in a dank cellar waiting for their next command, Voldemort agreed. Ten grand to my credit card and the spry little creatures sprung up the stairs into action, mocking up pages and stirring up images, cooking up a smorgasboreg of words and graphics to sell my story.

The end result was, I must say, impressive.  Words, numbers, and pictures on glossy paper to make me credible. I felt like a producer and with glossy in hand I could act like one, too. It occurred to me then that everyone in Hollywood is faking it, putting on a show, creating a facade to capture attention. Selling a product, an actor, or a movie, it’s all the same.  It’s graphic seduction.Glossy cropped pg 4

On this page you can see some of the graphics from my glossy. And if you’ve read this far, you must be interested in my story. Got cash? No pressure from my end, but this is an exclusive opportunity. Sure, movies are risky, but there is nothing else that matches the potential rewards from investment in a successful picture.  Yes, friends and millionaires, I’ve got something that you want: a glossy sci-fi money-maker dressed up in fishnet stockings, and she wants you to write her a check.

Graphic seducion.