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Paul Drescher was raised in a Midwest backwater town by immigrant dopamine farmers during an extended period of drought. His childhood was wrought with trauma as one catastrophe after another destroyed carefully built and rebuilt synaptic frameworks for modulating the dominant paradigm.  In 1972, destiny and a piece of paper picked off the ground in Kansas brought Paul to the sacred temple of the Gilded Chicken, where he was inducted into the Feathered Light League and employed as a jester in Tarnished Reality Palace, the monastery sweatshop. There, while performing acts of ludicrous stupidity, he gained the secrets to health, happiness, and longevity, which have served him well throughout the ensuing decades of neurological reconstruction and material re-assimilation into the dominant reality paradigm.

This photo is culled from the archives of Paul’s post-Palace life, and shows him with his primary pod beings during a celebration of pagan mythologies. The pod mourns the loss of its chief scientist and genetic transmission facilitator, Robert Friedman, PhD, in March, 2013, shown here in black lipstick. We send our deepest love to her on her amorphous journey through space-time.